• Can plant-derived phytochemicals provide symptom relief for hair loss? A critical review

      Daniels, G.; Akram, S.; Westgate, Gillian E.; Tamburic, S. (2019-08)
      It is known that hair growth disorders and hair loss can cause personal distress and affect well‐being. Whilst clinical conditions remain a target for medical research, current research on hair follicle biology and hair growth control mechanisms also provides opportunities for a range of non‐medical and cosmetic interventions that have a modulating effect on the scalp and follicle function. Furthermore, an improvement of the hair fibre characteristics (cuticle structure, cortex size and integrity) could add to the overall positive visual effect of the hair array. Since phytochemicals are a popular choice because of their traditional appeal, this review provides a critical evaluation of the available evidence of their activity for hair benefit, excluding data obtained from animal tests, and offers recommendations on improving study validity and the robustness of data collection in pre‐clinical and clinical studies.