• Biocatalytic Amide Condensation and Gelation Controlled by Light

      Sahoo, J.K.; Nalluri, S.K.M.; Javid, Nadeem; Webb, H.; Ulijn, R.V. (2014-03-25)
      We report on a supramolecular self-assembly system that displays coupled light switching, biocatalytic condensation/hydrolysis and gelation. The equilibrium state of this system can be regulated by light, favouring in situ formation, by protease catalysed peptide synthesis, of self-assembling trans-Azo-YF-NH2 in ambient light; however, irradiation with UV light gives rise to the cis-isomer, which readily hydrolyzes to its amino acid derivatives (cis-Azo-Y + F-NH2) with consequent gel dissolution.
    • Pathway-dependent gold nanoparticle formation by biocatalytic self-assembly

      Sahoo, J.K.; Roy, S.; Javid, Nadeem; Duncan, K.; Aitken, L.; Ulijn, R.V. (2017-09)
      We report on the use of non-equillibrium biocatalytic self-assembly and gelation to guide the reductive synthesis of gold nanoparticles. We show that biocatalytic rates simultaneously dictate supramolecular order and presentation of reductive phenols which in turn results in size control of nanoparticles that are formed.