• Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel chloroethylaminoanthraquinones with potent cytotoxic activity against cisplatin-resistant tumor cells

      Pors, Klaus; Paniwnyk, Z.; Patterson, Laurence H.; Ruparelia, K.C.; Hartley, J.A.; Kelland, L.R. (2004)
      Novel 1- and 1,4-substituted chloroethylaminoanthraquinones with DNA binding and alkylating properties along with their respective hydroxyethylaminoanthraquinone intermediates were synthesized. Selected chloroethylaminoanthraquinones were shown to cross-link DNA and alkylate guanines (at low nM concentration) with a preference for reaction sites containing 5'-PyG. A compound (Alchemix) with the bis-chloroethyl functionality confined to one side chain alkylated but did not cross-link DNA. All the 1,4-disubstituted chloroethylaminoanthraquinones were potently cytotoxic (nM IC50s) against cisplatin-resistant ovarian cancer cell lines.