• Retaining individualities : the photodynamics of self-ordering porphyrin assemblies

      Quan, W.-D.; Pitto-Barry, Anaïs; Baker, L.A.; Stulz, E.; Napier, R.; O'Reilly, R.K. (2015-12-07)
      The retention of photochemical properties of individual chromophores is a key feature of biological light harvesting complexes. This is achieved despite extensive aggregation of the chromophores, which in synthetic chromophore assemblies often yields a change in spectral characteristics. As an alternative approach towards mimicking biological light harvesting complexes, we report the synthesis of porphyrin assemblies which retained the photochemical properties of the individual chromophore units despite their substantial aggregation. These new materials highlight a new bottom-up approach towards the design and understanding of more complex biomimetic and naturally occurring biological systems.