• CO2/pH-responsive particles with built-in fluorescence read-out

      Mabire, A.B.; Brouard, Q.; Pitto-Barry, Anaïs; Williams, R.J.; Willcock, H.; Kirby, N.; Chapman, E.; O'Reilly, R.K. (2016-09-06)
      A novel fluorescent monomer was synthesized to probe the state of CO2-responsive cross-linked polymeric particles. The fluorescent emission of this aminobromomaleimide-bearing monomer, being sensitive to protic environments, can provide information on the core hydrophilicity of the particles and therefore indicates the swollen state and size of the particles. The particles’ core, synthesized from DEAEMA (N,N-diethylaminoethyl methacrylate), is responsive to CO2 through protonation of the tertiary amines of DEAEMA. The response is reversible and the fluorescence emission can be recovered by simply bubbling nitrogen into the particle solution. Alternate purges of CO2 and N2 into the particles’ solution allow several ON/OFF fluorescence emission cycles and simultaneous particle swelling/shrinking cycles.
    • Dual effect of thiol addition on fluorescent polymeric micelles: ON-to-OFF emissive switch and morphology transition

      Mabire, A.B.; Robin, M.P.; Willcock, H.; Pitto-Barry, Anaïs; Kirby, N.; O'Reilly, R.K. (2014-08-07)
      The morphology transition from micelles to vesicles of a solution-state self-assembled block copolymer, containing a fluorescent dye at the core–shell interface, has been induced by an addition–elimination reaction using a thiol, and has been shown to be coupled to a simultaneous ON-to-OFF switch in particle fluorescence.