• Application of hot melt extrusion for improving bioavailability of artemisinin a thermolabile drug

      Kulkarni, Chaitrali S.; Kelly, Adrian L.; Gough, Timothy D.; Jadhav, V.; Singh, K.; Paradkar, Anant R. (2017-11)
      Hot melt extrusion has been used to produce a solid dispersion of the thermolabile drug artemisinin. Formulation and process conditions were optimised prior to evaluation of dissolution and biopharmaceutical performance. Soluplus®, a low Tg amphiphilic polymer especially designed for solid dispersions enabled melt extrusion at 110ºC although some drug-polymer incompatibility was observed. Addition of 5% citric acid as a pH modifier was found to suppress the degradation. The area under plasma concentration time curve (AUC0-24hr) and peak plasma concentration (Cmax) were four times higher for the modified solid dispersion compared to that of pure artemisinin.