• Continuities and Changes: Gender Culture and Working Climate Assessment Report

      GENOVATE partner institutions (2016-08-31)
      The Change Report (GENOVATE Deliverable Report D4.2) summarises the findings of the research undertaken by partner institutions close to the end of GENOVATE implementation. The report aims to highlight the changes and/or continuities identified in each institution during the implementation of GEAPs (Gender Equality Action Plan) designed and executed by institutional GENOVATE teams. For this, each partner institution utilized their findings obtained in their baseline research at the start year of GENOVATE (Working Document 4.1) and compared this with the situation in the final year of the project to identify the institutional changes and continuities over the period of project implementation and subsequently conducted similar and/or quite different types of data gathering and analyses in order to either provide an updated version of previous gender climate reports of specific universities or illustrate some perspectives on gender equality on behalf of a limited number of Faculty members and Administration staff in specific universities.” .